Are your merchandise new or pre-owned?

We carry new and preowned merchandise. Pre-owned items usually purchased by individuals who purchase them from respective retail stores. When shopping on the site, keep a look out for condition ratings that specify if the product condition is new, kept new unused or used.

Condition ratings as follows:
New (Unused, usually new from store or recent purchases)
New Kept Unused (can be new or with any storage signs)
Like New (Preowned with minimal signs of use, overall like new)
Excellent (Preowned with minor signs of use)
Good (Preowned with signs of use)
Fair (Preowned with signs of use and wears, not for fussy buyers)

What Payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept all major credit/debit cards payments on our website.
*All prices on our website are inclusive of service fees imposed by the 3rd party vendor supporting the web payment.
*Credit/Debit cards payments are subjected to each country's participating banks' exchange rates.
For all additional transactional fees, you are advised to check with the card-issuing bank for more information.

Bank transfer payments can be requested via WhatsApp. We will advise you with the payment details and instructions in the shortest time possible.

How do I sell my item(s)?

Send us some photos of the item(s) with the following details, so that we can examine and give you the most accurate possible price quotation. The price quote will be based on several factors such as demand, color, material, series and condition etc.

Name of item:
Condition of item: (e.g, new or any flaws)
What does it come with:
Retail price:

Aside from bags, what else can I sell to FreshOFF?

FreshOFF accepts pieces from any item category as long as they're from a luxury designer brand. This includes bags, small leather goods, watches, jewellery, clothing, shoes and all types of accessories.

Must my items be in good or unused condition to be accepted?

While the prices offered for new and unused luxury pieces are generally higher, FreshOFF does accept certain old and even broken / defective pieces as long as they're from a luxury designer brand. FreshOFF is also one of the few local second-hand shops that accepts pre-owned luxury items which do not come with the original receipt or authenticity card. If you have any used, vintage or defective pieces from a luxury designer brand, drop us a Whatsapp to find out how much we can offer!

Disclaimer: Not withstanding the above, please note that FreshOFF reserves the right to reject certain pre-loved pieces due to the brand, condition, age of item model.

How is the price for my item determined?

Generally, the prices offered by FreshOFF are determined by the latest market trends and demand for each respective item model. We utilise price data for pieces of similar conditions through a variety of sources such as luxury auctions, industry reports and online marketplaces.